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About Omega Windows And Doors

Welcome to Omega Windows and Doors, your best provider of energy windows, sunrooms, enclosures, glass gardens, exterior and interior doors and much, much more. When you are choosing a company to install windows and doors for your Ontario home, you need to make sure that you get quality workmanship in good time and get the best return on your investment. We guarantee you get all those and more. Here are but a few of the things we specialize in:

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Factory Direct Windows and Doors


Omega Windows and Doors have been around for more than a decade now. Our experience speaks for itself. If you wish to experience reliability, efficiency, hassle-free installation and world class service, all at the same time, you should probably start looking at our catalog.

All our goods are manufactured with 100% original materials that include pure virgin vinyl double coated Low E2 glass. All hardware products are of extremely high quality. The production happens in Canada’s leading manufacturing companies.

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Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

energy-starDo you want your home to be cozy and heat-efficient, keeping the heat inside and giving your furnace a rest? With the hydro bill becoming larger and larger, energy savings are more important than ever. Omega Windows and Doors can offer you an array of solutions that will guarantee that your place retains the nice AC cool in the summer and keeps that precious furnace heat indoors during winter.

Every winter it’s the same story. You run the heating at full, but there’s always that leak from the kitchen window or from under the front door. With every ounce of heat that escapes this way, a dollar gets cold feet and leaves your bank account. Insulation is important, but it is not enough to properly secure your home, and your budget. Read more

New Garden Windows

garden-window-rLet the sun shine in! Be the first one to experience a unique Garden Window addition to your home. Garden window is a new product on Toronto windows and doors market that let you grow your garden in home all year around. This new window product is designed specifically for Canadian harsh climate with insulation for maximum energy efficiency. It can be customized in size to fit any preferred window area in your home. Garden window specifications:


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Windows Replacement in Toronto and GTA

windows replacement torontoThe highest spike of energy consumption for most Toronto residents is during the winter months, where a constant heat source is needed to keep your home warm. It’s not common for someone to open their windows during the winter time, but did you know that if the seal between your window and the window frame is bad, it can actually contribute to a loss of heat and increase your energy bill? This is a very common event in many households in Toronto because of the ageing homes and the extreme changes in temperature and humidity that happens between the seasons. This means that eventually your windows will need to be replaced, which also means that you need someone professional to handle your windows replacement Toronto. This is where Omega Windows and Doors can help. Read more

Metal Reinforcement Frame

metal-reinforcement-frameMetal reinforcement frame for casement and tilt turn windows provides you with maximum security in addition to energy efficiency.

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Assembled in Canada.

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